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Welcome to our School!
The Animal Inn K-9 Education Classes. Serving Cape Cod & Southern New England.
The goals set by our K-9 Education Classes are to improve your dog training skills, build a communication bond and to provide a productive and fun time for all the participants in the classes.
The Animal Inn K-9 Education Classes can help you bring out the best in your dog through positive reinforcement training.  To sign up for classes, ask questions or schedule a time to come by and see the facility, just give us a call at 508-477-0990.

All of our K-9 Education Classes are done at our facility in Forestdale, MA 02644.  We have a secure indoor and outdoor training areas and a large boarding kennel for those who would like to utilize our boarding facility while you are away.                                                                      

Meet Our Trainer

Kris Ashton has over 40 years experience in training all Breeds and all ages of dogs.  She has put  many AKC Titles on her dogs in Confirmation, Obedience, and European Working Dog.  Kris  recognizes  that no two dogs or owners are the same and she tailors her training to fit their unique needs.
When All Other training has failed, The Animal Inn’s K-9 Education Classes can help.
We offer a wide ranger of classes from Puppy Basic to Advanced.

Puppy Basic– This  6 week class is designed for puppies 8 weeks to 4 months old. Need help with House breaking, walking on a leash, biting , jumping, chewing, barking  or coming when called?  Then this is the class for you! Socialization and playtime are included in this class.  Start your puppy off on the right paw.

Beginner Basics- Learn to create a line of communication between you and your dog.  This 6 week course Is designed for dogs who have had no formal  training.  The goal is to  teach your dog everyday commands such as sit, down, staying place, come, off and heel. Individual  problems will be addressed.

Intermediate/Advanced– In this class we will work on Perfecting on lead  Obedience, Attention, Faster Recalls, Obedience with distraction, Beginning off Lead, Hand Signals, Fronts & Finishes, Out of Sights –Sits & Downs and Intro to Jumping and Retrieving.  All dogs must have proof of a completed a Basic  Obedience  Course.

Competition Obedience - is a sport where the dog and owner work as a team to preform obedience skills. 
Skills include heeling, retrieving, jumping hand signal directions, stays, scent work, etc.   The goal of the sport is to create strong bond between owner and dog and as a result, produce the teamwork  necessary to compete and earn titles in American Kennel  Club Obedience Competitions or other registries for non –purebred dogs.

Please check in with us this Spring for additional Training classes and  Special Training Events.


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